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Our range of services

Market Access Services

  • Core value dossiers
  • Pricing and reimbursement dossiers for health authorities
  • Economic value propositions dossiers
  • Organisation of economic value proposition seminars / meetings
  • Utilisation studies
  • Evidence appraisal and synthesis
  • Budget impact forecasts / appraisals
  • Strategic and tactical market access consultancy
  • Continuing product support

Health Economic Evaluation

  • Development, validation, adaptation and assessment of decision analytic models
  • Economic analysis alongside clinical trials
  • Cost of illness studies
  • Cost-consequence analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Cost-utility analysis
  • Budget impact analysis

Strategic Health Economic Consultancy

  • Health economic analysis of sponsors' product portfolio
  • Detection of potential for health economic value propositions
  • Detection of need for health economic value defence lines
  • Analysis of sponsors' health economics strategies and planning
  • Planning of pharmaco-economic research programs

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

  • Literature and PRO measures review
  • Instrument validation
  • Utility elicitation
  • Development of outcome measures and clinical scales
  • Translation and linguistic validation
  • Willingness to pay studies
  • Discrete choice experiments

Decision Analytic Modelling

  • Decision trees
  • Markov models
  • Retrospective database analysis
  • Micro simulation models
  • Dynamic models
  • Bayesian value of information analysis

Customized Training

  • Economic evaluation of health care technologies
  • Advanced modelling methods for health economic evaluations
  • Understanding cost data for health economic evaluations
  • Design of management control and cost systems in healthcare organisations

Publication Services

  • Preparation of articles, posters and presentations for scientific journals and meetings
  • Preparation of promotional material based on health economic value propositions
  • Development of interactive user-friendly software for model demonstrations